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question and invitation

 hi! just recently, i've learned that in tacchon's solo con in 2008, there was a pamphlet (or was it a photobook) wherein tacchon answered 516 questions (because of his birthday 5/16) does anyboby have a translation of that? i really want to read it. ><


by the way, i made a community for ohkura X maruyama fans. if you're interested, please join at community.livejournal.com/marukura

thanks! <3
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Hi, i'm very new fan of Eito and Okura . (Only 4 months) Anyway' I'm just very curious to know abt Eito esp of course our Tadayoshi. Like which school he attended , universities? I 'm just wondering is there 100 questions and answers about Kanjani8 ? Like who had first solo con and things like that. Pls share me everything you know about Eito and Okura!!!! 
Your Junior Okura-fan
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[picspam] tacchon screencaps 2

^^ back with part two. And still not done with capping XD

Uhmm, so. For a preview pic this time, I wish I had but >< My connection is working so poorly it seems imposible to even post now, but for Tacchon's sake, I'll try!

So, part 2 is in this journal, waiting for all of you to go and marvel over him. There're some niiiiice pics in that, it's full of cuteness too <3

Minna-san mo, enjoy^^

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[picspam] tacchon screencaps

Hi again~

I'm not sure about everyone here, but the greek fans of tacchon sure love him much for his fatty-times too. And since I am one of those, I made screencaps of the fancam of his solocon [as I mention in my journal too, since I found it by chance, if anyone knows who uploaded it please tell me so I can credit her] that I have. Screencaps where his plumpiness is visible and he looks like a squishy plus toy <333 [no wonder why there were Ohkumas all around <333]

today, I have part one, in this entry in my journal~

Have fun!


im just curious. what do you guys think about writing fan letters? do you write those?
how do you do it anyway? are there rules or whatever?
thanks. :D
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request: mp3 rip Drums Solo (47 Tour)


I would like to request the mp3 version of his drums solo from the 47 tour dvd.
I really really love it when he plays the drums, so I would like to have it for my mp3-player ._.

please help!

if you don't know what I mean, here is a youtube clip:

I hope this post is allowed, since I have read the rules. If not, feel free to delete it.

Thanks in advance!


OTANJOUBI OMEDETTO BABY TACCHON !!!! i'm just so busy that i didn't make anything extra ordinary... just a simple greeting for tacchon !
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