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06 December 2008 @ 05:23 am
This pissed me off so much!

Do you guys have seen the picture of our beloved drummer boy in dramawiki? To be honest his picture there sucks! I'm trying to change his photo but I can't for I have to log in (lol! Sure thing everyone who can access,post and edit should be a member of that site). So I tried to create my account in Dramawiki but I can't find any filling forms or maybe it is because I'm using my mobile and my phone's capability is limited.

So guys... My point is... Is there anyone who has the ''power'' to edit dramawiki in this community?

I know this request makes no sense but.... I feel that our tacchon is quite neglected there!
Also I don't know how to tag this...
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15 November 2008 @ 07:11 pm
It's been a couple of weeks but I typed up a report from the 10/19 @ 1pm solo show. If you have a chance, please take a look. (.^_^)v

( This is the last tear... )

x-post okura_tadayoshi

14 November 2008 @ 09:06 pm

clicky�<3 )
akame -- 5
Kamenashi Kazuya -- 6
Akanishi Jin -- 3
Ueda Tatsuya -- 6
Yamashita Tomohisa -- 5
Masuda Takahisa -- 6
Tegoshi Yuya -- 2
Nishikido Ryo -- 3
Ohkura Tadayoshi -- 3
YOkoyama yuu -- 1

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21 September 2008 @ 10:02 pm
179 icons
001-008 Kato Shigeaki
009-074 KAT-TUN

075-179 Kanjani∞


fake cut
13 July 2008 @ 04:16 pm
Finished 20 icons for asianicon20. :D

Subject: Ohkura Tadayoshi
Theme: Summer
Progress: 20/20 COMPLETE
The rest are in my graphics journal, frenchessence. :D
Hope you enjoy them! :D 
09 June 2008 @ 03:27 am

This layout is entitled You&Me featuring Ohkura Tadayoshi x Yasuda Shota from the JE Group, Kanjani8. This layout is in bloggish type, designed and coded by tinzedesu. Brushes used are from Magic-Box, Pattern is from SquidFingers, Security icon from Famfamfam, Tiny icons from passing_girl, Images are from various resources that mostly came from kanjani8. Layout is tested in Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, intended use for 1024 x 768 above screen resolution users and can be used by basic/plus/paid account users. Comments about the layout is greatly appreciated and if you wish to use the layout, please click the fake cut below for the Rules, Notes, Instructions and FAQS.

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22 April 2008 @ 09:05 pm

icons here @ oiwai

- Please join the community for more icons
- Leave comments if taking any
09 March 2008 @ 07:30 pm
im ruth

tacchon big fan!

yoroshiku minna... >< 
23 February 2008 @ 01:35 am
{081 - 131 Kanjani8}

http://franzi10.fr.funpic.de/digiart/icons/Kanjani8/10/90.png http://franzi10.fr.funpic.de/digiart/icons/Kanjani8/10/Ryuhei28.png http://franzi10.fr.funpic.de/digiart/icons/Kanjani8/10/Shingo11.png

here @ vamped_graphix
23 February 2008 @ 01:48 am
onegai ga aru~
though im a huge fan of tacchon, well, just recently,i still hafnt heard this song.
can anyone tell me where i can download this mp3?
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