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.::Tadayoshi Ohkura Daily::.

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WELCOME TO ohkura_daily!

Full Name: Ohkura Tadayoshi
Birth Date: 16 May 1985 (Taurus)
Birth Place: Osaka, Japan
Blood Type: O
Height : 181cm
Weight: 63kg
Family Members: Father, Mother, 2 younger brothers, Dog (John Miru)
Motto: Never make a girl sad, never make a girl cry
Talents: Dancing
Weaknesses: Anxious character
Interest: Playing drums, band practice
Favorite Colors : Black, white, grey, yellow, green
Respected senpai: Go Morita (V6)
Reason for joining Jimusho: Because he idolise Go
Date entered Jimusho: 7th September 1997
Extra facts: Original member of V.West and was reshuffled back to V.West after the two members (Mikkun and Imai) left, just before Kanjani 8 was formed.
(credit to ohkura-tadayoshi.net)

+R U L E S+
01. Pictures, fics, screencaps, magazine scans, fanart all allowed. Though Ohkura should be in them.
02. More than one pic should be under cut as well as fics.
03. All media/download posts must be locked.
04. Subject lines and tags need to contain content of post.
05. No flaming of any sort; that includes members and other idols.
06. Credit and comment if you take anything.
07. And most important: HAVE FUN!

+A F F I L I A T E S+
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